Concierge Marine Services


Inspections, Maritime annual service and new mooring installations

We conduct this service for RMS NSW private and commercial mooring systems around Sydney Harbour. Once we receive the email with the location and details of your vessel, we attend and conduct an assessment. Depending on the assessment we might decide to conduct a dive to secure mooring for lift and inspection. Once all mooring system is lifted on the barge, we proceed with cleaning, inspection and replacement of parts if needed.

Boat Mechanic:

Mechanical service for inboard and outboard engines, diesel and petrol.

Slipping & Antifoul services

Electrical services

IT Boat Service

Marine IT Services enhance the overall experience of boat owners and operators, providing convenience, safety, and entertainment while on the water. These technologies contribute to the efficient operation and maintenance of boats, making them more enjoyable and easier to manage.

  • Entertainment Systems: Setting up audio-visual entertainment systems for cabins and common areas on the boat. Integrating streaming services, satellite TV, and multimedia players.
  • Security and Monitoring: Implementing security systems such as cameras, sensors, and alarms for the safety of the boat and its occupants. Remote monitoring of security systems through mobile devices.
  • Connectivity Solutions: Ensuring reliable internet connectivity on board through various means, including cellular networks, satellite, or Wi-Fi. Setting up onboard Wi-Fi networks for connectivity within the boat.
  • IT Consulting: Advising businesses on how to best use technology to achieve their objectives.
  • System Integration: Integrating different IT systems and components to work together seamlessly.
  • Vessel IT Infrastructure: Designing, implementing, and maintaining IT systems on board ships and vessels. Managing onboard networks, communication systems, and navigation equipment.
  • Hardware and Software Support: Troubleshooting and resolving issues with computers, servers, and other hardware. Installation, configuration, and maintenance of software applications.
  • Communication Systems: Providing satellite communication solutions for maritime vessels to ensure reliable and secure communication at sea. Implementing technologies for voice and data communication between vessels and with onshore operations.

Boat Licenses Coxswain and Recreational

Recreational course is our most popular because all steps are covered on the same day! It includes the Practical Boating Course, the Boating Knowledge Course and the Boating Knowledge Test.

Commercial Certificate Coxswain courses and recently the national regulator AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) has streamlined a number of marine qualifications for ease of compliance. Exemption 38 (low complexity duties) is one of those qualifications supported and recognised by AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and state regulators that can fulfil a number of those areas relating to Risk Management and SMS responsibilities for new vessels.

Under AMSA’s definition of Exemption 38, vessel operators with low complexity duties may be exempt from holding a Certificate of Competency if you:

  • Operate during daylight hours only.
  • With passengers only operate:
    A vessel <12mtrs long with propulsion for an inboard engine <100kW or outboard engine <250kW.
    Within a marina or inland waters.
    Within 1 nautical mile from a parent vessel.
  • Without carrying passengers only operate:
    A vessel <12mtrs long with propulsion for an inboard engine <100kW or outboard engine <250kW.
    Within a marina or inland waters.
    Within 1 nautical mile from a parent vessel.
    In any waters within 1 nautical mile from each point of departure and within 1 nautical mile from the coast.
    In any waters of an aquaculture lease, and any approved vessels used for the daily transit to and from the aquaculture lease for operation.
    In any waters within 250 meters of a structure fixed to the shore.
    In sheltered waters within 2 nautical miles from the coast.

Recreational Diving Courses

You can become a diver enrolling on your first level Open Water Diver and obtaining an International Scuba Diving license to be used anywhere in the world. We offer a range of diver training courses based on International Accredited Systems.

  • Open Water Diver: You learn the basic skills to dive in a safe manner anywhere in the world. At the end of the course, you will receive an International Scuba Diving License which you will be able to use anywhere in the world for diving and hire scuba gear.
  • Advanced Open Water Diver Levels: You will learn special skills in: deep diving, night diving, search for lost items, navigate underwater and rescue procedures.
  • Specialty Courses: Wreck diving, decompression dives, medical diver.
  • Divemaster & Instructor levels

ADAS Commercial Diver Courses

ADAS stands for the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme. Through its international status, world-class training standards and mutual recognition arrangements with other equivalent national schemes, ADAS qualifications have global recognition and acceptance.

We encourage all recreational divers willing to work underwater to undertake and complete a diving course certified by ADAS at an Accredited Training Establishment (ATE).

We will work with you to take your boating experience to the next level…

For all enquiries or bookings, please send us an email to: and one of our staff will contact you shortly.

  • Valet Service: Vessel drop off and pick up. Feel free to drop the vessel anywhere and walk off. We pick it up and get it back to the berth/swing mooring. We can drop the vessel wherever you want fully provisioned, fueled and ready to go. Even we can provide/restock with ice, drinks and meals.
  • Catering & Supplies: We can provide cleaning services, grocery supplies, laundry services and even restock your esky with ice. We can also provide catering services with a broad range of meals/platters according to the occasion.
  • Berthing Vessels Services: Berthing up to 50m and dry storage up to 33” with FREE tenders transfer.
  • Boutique Services: Fiberglass, gel-coat, detailing, marine, shipwright.
  • Upholstery Services: Canopies, covers, Bimini designs and repairs.
  • Engine Services: Outboard/inboard motor services and repairs.
  • Slipping and Anti-fouling Services: Hassle-free, we can pick up your vessel from the berth or swing mooring and bring it for slipping and anti-fouling.
  • Mooring Services: New moorings and mooring annual services to comply with RMS regulations.
  • Extra services: We are available to help with any issues that may arise, during your time on the water. This includes needing additional food or drink delivered, and providing medical supplies and additional fuel left for the tender. We are on call 24/7 and will happily deliver or organise delivery of any items and provide any assistance that you may need.
Underwater Dive Services