Search & Recovery

Search & Recovery for Lost Items

Lost Phones

Prop Fouled

Lost Moorings

Someone run over the rope and cut the float/rope or a big storm and the chain/rope/shackle broke and the mooring needs to be found…We do it.

Lost Personal items

Glasses, watches, phones, rings, clits, ladders even DRONES. Anything fallen in the water.

Other Emergencies

Anchors & Chain:

When anchor gets unfortunately stuck, sometimes is necessary for safety or more convenient to cut it and return on a later stage to retrieve it. We can do it! It does not matter the size.

We operate in all areas including: national parks, harbour, coastal ocean waters, rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, tanks and pools.

The quick success on finding and retrieving the item, depends highly on the exact location that you can provide (GPS coordinates or a mark).

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