Salvage Diving

Your boat has sunk and you want it to be recovered and taken somewhere (marina or a boat ramp). We specialise in small and bigger vessels up to 70 tons including yachts and powerboats. Depending on the vessel particulars, depth, location and situation of the salvage, we operate with a crane barge, air lift bags or the combination of both.

The care of the vessel and the environment including the safety of the operation including all personnel is our number one priority and expertise over 25 years.

Salvage Diving

Salvaging can be a risky operation especially when using specialised lift bags as the primary means of re-floating an object to prevent minimum damage. We take care at all times to assess and maintain the safest means of raising an item in a salvage project in order to minimise damage to the object, the environment and any risk to our qualified team of divers.

To arrange a boat salvage job, contact us on 0448 085 587.

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