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Lost & Found - underwater dive services - Sydney AU
Hull Cleaning & Maintenance - Sydney AU
Boat Salvage - Sydney AU
Marine Concierge Services - Sydney AU
Diver Training - Sydney AU

Professional Diver & Marine Concierge Services

No item recovery, boat cleaning or salvage diving job too big or too small..

UWDS Hull Cleaning Services

A typical week for us will range from – retrieving a lost anchor – cleaning a world class racing yacht – finding your lost phone to give you back your photos – or just maintaining your vessel!

Sydney Harbour Commercial-Diving Services

Underwater Dive Services provide underwater inspection, salvage, lost item recovery, bottom survey, hull scrubbing, prop removal and replacement, prop polishing, all anodes services and other commercial diving services. We specialize in:

  • Search and Recovery for lost items underwater.
  • Hull cleaning services with before & after photos reports.
  • Boat Salvage.
  • Mooring Services
  • Structural inspections with before & after photos/videos reports.
  • Concierge Services.

Salvage Dive Services

Salvage sunken boats in Sydney Harbour

 Professional and experienced marine salvage diver available; » Dive Services info

Recreational Diver Training

 Internationally qualified recreational scuba Diver Instructor: » Dive Classes info…

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