ROV/Drones & Inspections

We use ROV Drones (Remote Operated Vehicle) Drones generally as eyeball vehicles for visual inspection or, at most, a simple grabber manipulator arm for picking things up off the seafloor. They are highly maneuverable unoccupied machines used to observe and work underwater, often in areas that are deemed too dangerous for commercial divers. ROV pilots can operate them from a nearby shore or boat.

ROVs are versatile tools commonly used in our industry to inspect, and monitor underwater structures, scientific diving and perform complex work tasks in depths divers cannot access.

Applications that we offer:

  • Emergency underwater search & recovery of any lost items
  • Quick inspections
  • Salvages
  • Scientific Diving
  • Cavitation cleaning

Underwater Inspections

If you need to check, inspect, or repair something underwater, we offer guided two-way video-communication underwater services.

Underwater Dive Services