Commercial Diving Services

Commercial Diving Services


Search & Recovery for Lost Items

Moorings: Someone run over the rope and cut the float/rope or a big storm and the chain/rope/shackle broke and the mooring needs to be found…We do it.

Personal items: Glasses, watches, phones, rings, clits, ladders even DRONES. Anything fallen or sunk in the water.

Anchors and chain: when anchor gets unfortunately stuck, sometimes is necessary for safety or more convenient to cut it and return on a later stage to retrieve it. We can do it! It does not matter the size.

We operate in all areas including: national parks, harbour, coastal ocean waters, rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, tanks and pools.

The quick success on finding and retrieving the item, depends highly on the exact location that you can provide (GPS coordinates or a mark).

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Scientific Diving Services


We provide diving and marine support for the scientific diving industry and services for environmental monitoring. This often involves pre and post construction surveys and monitoring to meet resource consent conditions.

Some of the services include:

  • Sea and lake bed sampling and profiling.
  • Water temperature and millimetre accuracy water depth and level monitoring including live time data streaming.
  • Water flow and tidal monitoring.
  • Water sampling and analysis.
  • Vessel charter and supply.
  • Photographic and video surveys.


New Moorings and Annual Services

We conduct this service for RMS NSW Private & Commercial mooring systems around Sydney Harbour.


Once we received the email with the location and details of your vessel, we attend and conduct an assessment.

Depending on the assessment we might decide to conduct a dive to secure mooring for lift and inspection. Once all mooring system is lifted on the barge, we proceed for cleaning, inspection and replacement of parts if needed.

Underwater Cleaning

Sea and pool strainer clean, repair & replace


Structural Inspections

Wharf & underwater structures:

Assess conditions & photo reports


Nets & Swim Enclosures

Beach & Shark nets services


The nets are set adjacent to the shoreline according to the prevailing tides and currents. Their distance from shore is determined by topographical features of the area and sea conditions. Equipment is usually placed far enough offshore to prevent human and shark interaction.

Our Environmentally Friendly services includes: high pressure cleaning, removal of all fishing equipment or any other entanglement and repairs.

Reports including Before & After Photos on every job

Underwater Dive Services